My Step-Son: The Sequel – Tyler Nixon, Nina Elle

Nina Elle is having major problems with her husband. As they try to discuss the situation with some civility, her soon to be ex-husband is right on the brink of losing his cool. Nina, after all, fucked his son, Tyler Nixon, and despite it being her stepson, he feels like she really crossed a line. She tells him that her stepson came onto him but he’s not buying it. He tells her that until Tyler tells him to his face that it’s all his fault, he’s not signing anything. When he hangs up in her face, Nina decides to call up Tyler hoping that he can help her. When he asks her where she would like to meet, she tells him to come to the salon and when they hang up, Tyler promptly drives over. She greets him with a smile and Tyler asks her how he can be of service. She asks him if he could tell his father that she seduced her and that it’s all his fault. She’s trying to get the divorce papers and she’s having a really hard time with his father. Tyler is not ok with this arrangement. After all the sex was mutual and furthermore, he doesn’t feel comfortable lying. It’s pretty much ruined the relationship with his father and now she wants him to make it even worse? She pleads with him saying that there must be something she can do for him. When he asks her if he could have a Nuru massage she starts laughing thinking he’s joking, after all this is what got them in trouble in the first place. When he tells her that she’s no longer with her dad and that if she does this for him he’ll promise to talk to his dad, she simply can’t resist a bargain this good!

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